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“Planet Transforming Solutions Engineered out of the Earth”

Welcome to Terraform Tech

Trenchless Utilities now provide Engineered Soil Stabilization services through their new Terraform-technology division Terraform-tech.com. These works are carried out using Trenchless Utilities in-house designed and built Terrafomer rota shredder. This machine is capable of being configured for a variety of operations. Deep cutting, milling, shredding and mixing in various ground conditions allowing full depth reclamation in one pass.

The Terraformer is capable of being configured to perform a number of different actions. Precision profiling of asphalt and other surfaces, rock excavation, surface mining and impact miller. The different capability’s are enabled by swaping out interchangeable drums of differing styles and configurations and hydraulically adjusting depth, pitch, and angle.

One of the main functions of the Terraformers is to mix in binding agent’s such as Polymer, Cement, Lime, Flyash, Foamed Tar and Micro fibres .This process is an ideal and economical way of setting up temporary civil site compounds without the expense transporting materials to site.

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